HI, I'M ERIK ...
43 years old and father of two daughters. Born in Westerbork and now, together with Ursula and my daughters, live in Halle in the east of The Netherlands.

Erik Eggens, voormalig professioneel motocrosser. Eigenaar BY EGGENS.

I started my career as a top athlete. I became a professional motocross rider when I was 17 and retired at age 30. After my active sports career I remained involved in sports as an independent entrepreneur. I gave coaching and training for (top) athletes. I also worked as a test driver for a Japanese motorcycle brand, where I subsequently fulfilled the position of Racing Manager. I did this for 6 years. In addition to my work, I have also given group training for a long time, including spinning. My ambition has always remained to have my own company in sports. It makes it even more special as I embark on this new adventure with my wife Ursula. 

39 years old and I was born in Velp. Since 2018 I have been living, in the east of The Netherlands, together with Erik and his daughters.

Ursula Eggens, eigenaar BY EGGENS. Sport- en gezondheidscoach.

In 2003 I graduated from Facility Management college. After my studies I worked for various food manufacturers. I started as a Marketing Assistant, then moved on to the position of Junior Brand Manager. In 2007 I switched to the sports sector, where I worked as a Club Manager at a multifunctional sports center for more than 7 years. In 2016 I was offered a new challenge as Marketing Manager of a motorcycle brand. In addition to this, I gave group lesson instruction at sports centers in the area. Starting a new challenge is exciting in itself, but what makes running BY EGGENS even more exciting, is that I will take on this new adventure together with my husband Erik.